I can never tell what is really me and what is just the reflection I see inside the mirror

Am I kind and forgiving?

Or am I the girl with red lines covering her unloved body?


It’s Late, And I’m Looking BackWards Again

Every so often my brain becomes overwhelmed by life

One thought, leads to another.

It’s like I poison my own wine, I can never just drink the water that’s in front of me..

I’m spinning with thoughts of you with her

And her with you

How it used to be before I came around

And it seems so stupid because it’s all the past and now you’re next to me,

 and I’m next to you.

But I’ve never loved anyone else

I’ll never understand how that feels

And I never want to.


It’s always been on the edge of my mouth,

The words run in my head, full speed screaming 

They crash into each other and become one giant ocean

And I can never find the shore. 

The waves never touch land, and here I am drowning in the same thoughts I’ve had for most of my life.

They try and travel down my throat and along the tip of my tongue

But I always forget not to swallow

Where Did You Go

You were once a little kid,

Running through fields of grass and throwing your head back to laugh.

You were once a little kid,

you needed people, and believed they needed you.

You were once a little kid,

But you grew up so when did it all change? 

When did the fields of grass turn into miles of burning flames?

When did you stop laughing?

 When did the running become tears from your hopeless eyes?

When did you decide you needed no one, and that no one needed you?

You were once a little kid,

But now it’s all a distant memory.

How You Found My Heart

Sometimes you’re aren’t searching for anything at all, but something finds you. And it grabs you, and holds you in place. All of those broken pieces that were once scattered over my bedroom floor have been resembled, and time is able to stand still.

I was always so lost, and unsure. But now I know that thing they talk about knowing.

And it’s true, you just know.