Ink Stains

I don’t know why I keep reading into things that shouldn’t be read. Stories that have ended long ago, but the words sit like tattoos on my bruised skin, and I keep strattling the line between what’s just fiction and what will be marked down as history.


My Love

I’ve stopped fighting that fear that used to live in the corner of my brain. I used to think nothing would last forever, and that two people could only break and burn

But you proved me wrong

And I gave up the fight a long time ago, and fell into your arms

You catch me over and over again

Each time leading me closer to the truth,

That two people can be magnetic, and the force pulls us together

And we are meant to be in love, for the rest of eternity.

Sleep Is for The Weak

The world was still asleep but we were tangled up in each other’s skin.

Warmth between our two trembling hearts replaced the insecurities we both have been tasting.

Within that moment of captivation our pasts dissolved, and became nothing but distant and regrettable,

But never us.

When we were intertwined, I found my salvation; in you. In me. In our love.

Black Holes

Despair seems like the right word to use to describe the hole that has formed in my chest,

The seasons kept changing, with winter rushing in and freezing every feeling I’ve ever felt

They told me that we would fix the hole, fill it back in with hope and dreams

But it just keeps getting bigger, and it swallows the summers and warm springs

And leaves me with the bitterness of what once kept me full of life

Love Bites

You set my heart on fire, And leave me with red lip tainted skin.

When I see my reflection I am reminded that I am yours

And I am, with every aspect of my being. If you were air I’d breath you in and fill my lungs.If you were a window, I would be the rain; Washing away the days hard remnants.

But you are you, and for me that is enough to keep me burning.