Invalid Feelings

And I know that it is my biggest fault, to feel too much.

I struggle to bag the emotions but they bite and grip to every part of my being. My soul feels so misunderstood, and it kills me.



I’ve said I never want kids and I think that the reason why is because every time I see a child it makes me sad.

I picture myself as a little girl, and the perpetual sadness that has always sat in my lungs. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like that. It never is supposed to be like that. I see their tiny eyes full of wonder and excitement, and i know first hand how cruel the world can be. And who they will become, or who they won’t become. I just can’t wrap my mind around the prospect of being held accountable for continuing the long train of infinite loneliness.

The Way She Sees It

His heart was broken, and he had nothing left but a small diamond and an empty scrap book. So he took that ring and wrapped it around another girls finger, hoping it could fit. Wondering if life could go back to how it was before she walked out. 

Her heart didn’t exist until now. She was small and frail, and her edges sharp. She couldn’t see around his past. And never believed that her tiny hand would last in his. Too perfect, and charming. And knew what being in love was like. She had never tasted it. 

But now it sits like honey on her lips and she prays that it will stick to his.