What is BPD??

It’s not cute that’s for sure. It’s pain, pain that stays with you all day. And all night. 

Borderline personality disorder is this complex and confusing illness, it’s this monster that lives within me. BPD brings out the worst parts of me. Or maybe I am just the worst. 

BPD is not sleeping. Or It’s always sleeping. Depends on the day.

BPD is irregular moods, and not being able to control how I feel. It’s either 0 or 100. I feel everything deeply.

BPD is loving people immensely one minute, then hating them the next. It’s black and white. And relationship destroying.

BPD is needing attention and seeking it out. 

BPD is also not wanting attention, and hiding away.

BPD is this fear of abandonment, and it’s so real it hallowed your bones. My mind is convinced everyone is leaving. 

BPD is pushing away the people closest to you, and not being able to explain why you do it.

BPD is reacting quickly, and poorly. It occasionally hurts those around you with its harsh words.

BPD is over attaching yourself to people. 

BPD is detatching yourself from people. 

BPD is not knowing who I am, and finding it within things, like all of the time. 

BPD is wanting to kill myself evey second something goes wrong. It’s always my first resort.

BPD is picking and prodding. And finding ways to kill myself even if it’s not physically. It’s disassociating to avoid feeling.

BPD is living with a constant tornado within you. It’s destructive, and quick. It hurts, and it doesn’t stop.  It’s reckless and unpredictable. And I never know if it’s me or if I’m pretentding. Even though I know that nobody could fake this. And why the fuck would you want to. BPD is something I don’t want to live with forever, and I can’t think past tomorrow because it pains me knowing it will always linger in me. 

BPD is not romantic, pretty, or fun; it’s real. And it hurts.


2 thoughts on “What is BPD??

  1. I really like how you’ve put this all together. It’s a very informative list. Though I don’t suffer I can identify with alot of these and know in minute ways how difficult they can be.
    This is a really helpful piece for people to read to give the slightest of understandings about what BDP can do to an individual.

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