Un-Natural Disaster

I can feel the volcano in my chest, it’s rising, up through my lungs, reaching my throat. It pauses. And it’s stuck there. No breaths can slip past it, only desperation and despair. 

My skull is wrapped in this hurricane, thoughts of being buried underground and the blackness that follows. Thoughts of guilt, shame. Is it going to kill me this time? Part of me hopes. Part of me wonders.

Then, the rupture. It happens. And it happens quickly and all at once. The colour red pours out, steam covers the room. It continues to happen. Clouds roll in to cover the fire lit sky. 

It pours.

Washed out, the dust settles. Whatever remains are left scatter the surroundings. The hurt, is there. But quiet now. Back to how it was before it was disrupted. Embers burn. Rattles calm. 

And just like that, the cycle begins again.


Piece by peace 

A lot can happen in a year,In fact a whole entire lifetime can happen in a year.

Change, and growth and beauty.

You can be a sad girl under a pink December sky, who unknowingly is being photographed by that one person who is going to change you forever.

A year later and you’re different, under the same sky but it all changed. The sadness still lingers, but it’s different now. It’s not as lonely. The world isn’t that dark place it used to be, the cold isn’t bitter any more. Life is still, and the sad girl has a hint of fulfilment in her eyes. 

Reflecting back, she found a piece of her soul in that december sky, 

Maybe even her peace.

Train of Thoughts of You

It’s late and I’m thinking about you again.

How you taste.

How you feel.

How flowers grow in my mind every time you say my name.

The way Your hand intertwines with mine.

How the space that is you, became the space that is me.

And now there’s no way to know where you end and I begin.